Work Log Tracker

Need help? This add-on integrates with IFTTT's Google Drive Channel.

Other internet of things based providers are out there with the same functionality, pick whatever works for you. This we found is the quickest and user friendliest way of setting up the internet of things to work for us. You can do whatever you'd like!

You can automatically track your work hours by exiting and entering an area or even install a push button on your smart phone. If location is a problem there are triggers for connecting to a familiar WiFi hub and a variety more...should you choose to be clever.

The key part for IFTTT is the formatting of the rows, currently the add-on manages the three left-most columns. You may copy and paste the formatted row from either of these recipes, if you'd like a break-down here's the formatted row format for your convenience:

{{OccurredAt}} ||| =IF(ISODD(ROW()), "Started", "Stopped") ||| =IF(ISEVEN(ROW()),ROUND(((DATEVALUE(REGEXEXTRACT(INDIRECT(ADDRESS(ROW(),COLUMN()-2,4)), "\w+ \d{2}, \d{4}")) + TIMEVALUE(REGEXEXTRACT(INDIRECT(ADDRESS(ROW(),COLUMN()-2,4)), "\d{2}:\d{2}[A|P]M$"))) - ( DATEVALUE(REGEXEXTRACT(INDIRECT(ADDRESS(ROW()-1,COLUMN()-2,4)), "\w+ \d{2}, \d{4}")) + TIMEVALUE(REGEXEXTRACT(INDIRECT(ADDRESS(ROW()-1,COLUMN()-2,4)), "\d{2}:\d{2}[A|P]M$")))) * 24, 2),"")

(I did not write these Google Spreadsheet formulas, you may thank danamerrick)

The critical parts are the first and last column, the first is the date-stamp {{OccurredAt}} and the last is a spreadsheet formula to calculate the time difference between the current row and the one above. In addition you may freely edit the strings "Started" and "Stopped" to suit your needs. This lets you add as many push buttons or locations where you work (with a dedicated note of your choice).

Now get to work!