We Are From The Internet - Tyrant of Death

After a website editing binge I decided to vent my frustration of css and html and javascript, and what happened across the screen but this song. Now this is one of those instances I'm having a hard time understanding why this music just doesn't have more views. Take a quick look at the soundcloud account you'll see what I mean. The numbers and the awesomeness of the work do not match up. There's this odd moment of giddiness in knowing I'm one of the few people who has heard these songs, and then a guilt I'm not just sharing it on the spot. Then I'm questioning whether this stuff is really all this artist's one work, a lot of questions of reality are being thrown here because I just don't get this at all, like it just doesn't seem possible for all this awesome music to be piled up in one place and not viewed by many people. This seems to be like the E. W. Hill of industrial metal minus the attention.

Anyway compliments to this Tyrant of Deathmetal for making me question reality via the slew of bad-ass industrial metal. All of which truely deserves more attention than what it's got.

It brings up an excellent point about how we live today as a matter of fact. Since the internet gives us that instant gratification, it's not exactly like we're just out here to spread the love and attention for others. However I think we're now coming to the crux of an internet age and some form of collaborative atmosphere where this is becoming a unique problem. That's to say how do we efficiently pull back out of the internet awesome content (music like this in this case) back into our world? Google does a certain job very well but it's pagerank system doesn't really judge the content as gauging how related it is to other recent things. Then how do we really get that awareness to everyone outside of the internet when the barriers to sharing content in normal media are pretty high?

I mean it almost seems like it's a shame to pass up music like this because our interest in sharing content is too low or because a robot didn't think the page it was sitting on was relevant.

Anywho we're from the internet, I'm sure one day programmatic analysis of content will match somewhat how our own brains think, or that we'll become the Cybermen from Doctor Who.

Alex Anderson

I'm a web developer and geek, that about covers it.