Vena Sera - Dead Souls

Vena Sera's a California grown metal band with a heavy emphasis on combinations of fast growling lyrics, synthetic flourishes and a heaping portion of guitar riffs and chugs and powerful drums, the likes of which should only be appropriate with an accompanying large concert audience. Fortunately we can all enjoy Vena Sera's work from the comfort of our homes and hopefully sturdy enough headphones or sub-woofers to handle the bass.

Currently manned by trio Thomas Spaulding (guitar), Nigel Alexander (vocals) and Jesse Villata (bass) from Syrebris, Vena Sera tears through Dead Souls with an accompanying solo by Jack DeMaio (from BlurryCloud). The EP is produced by Jacob Garcia from He Films the Clouds so we'll be sure to expect the same awesome tones across the board with Vena Sera's future releases.

So sit yourself down, plug in your not-earbuds and press play and take a peek at some Dead Souls...I'm sure they won't mind.

Alex Anderson

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