Treasure Trove #1

Here's a tiny snippet from works of awesome artists from the Fixt label. For those unfamiliar with my preferences here's my goto for...hmm awesome? I've heard nothing that I don't immediately like / wish were stuck permanently inside my computer's hard-drive, and I mean from any of these artists. My other top favorites include +celldweller+Voicians , +bluestahli, because of their massive spread of remixes. In fact I have a confession to make, I've been pretty much addicted to purchasing all the albums I can with my extra spending money. So heads may experience withdrawal if you're not catching some of their music headed your way.

Now I must explain myself, awesome music aside the reason why I like these guys is they've spent the additional time to make their social media...interesting. Social media may not be my forte but I know it's theirs, they keep a YouTube channel up and running with odd tidbits thrown together from their members. Dig around and you'll even find a tour of their studio which would make any engineer drool (beware sound engineers may die of envy).

With that in mind, here's my weekly stimuli, enjoy.

Alex Anderson

I'm a web developer and geek, that about covers it.