This Page will Rock your Socks

"I would like to think I've found the best Page ever, in or out of a book."(Feel free to quote me on that)       Sam Page has been a long standing favorite of mine. Why? First because he found me (which is still impressive) on my facebook page pretty soon after I started it, the odds of that happening were considerably low. That's not all of course, Sam's the first to convince me that effort seriously pays off. I've watched his ever-expanding repertoire of air-play on his website, I subscribed to his email updates and was privileged to get a sneak peak at a couple of tracks or two. He's a trail-maker (literally too, it's evident across his twitter and facebook he's a vagabond on two legs) and he clearly loves the scenery whether in the music world or outdoors. My gut instinct is to like the guy. The real question is who couldn't? If I were to ask myself who I'd like to hang out with it wouldn't be with the alt rock/metal/electro bands I'm partial to, I'd pick Sam Page. That's why I'll keep you up to date with his projects.

     Here's what is more impressive about Sam Page, he's only been actively making music for about 4 years. In that span of time he's kicked out 3 full albums of incredible quality with a home recording studio. Perhaps this is less impressive to those in the music industry but I'm fairly convinced (after collecting bits and pieces for my own home studio) that a decent home studio takes a little understanding of what you're doing a good amount of space and some sound proofing. That's to say for 5 years now starting in 2010 he's been on the ball and merrily creating a plethora of genuine musical genius.

Case in point:
If there's such a thing as proof of said awesomeness there's little anyone could do to convince me that they're cooler than this guy:

If at this point you haven't been listening to the alternative pop rock country festivity that is Sam Page I'd implore you to press play, dance, enjoy yourself and then buy some songs.

Alex Anderson

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