The Angels You Don't Want To Mess With

Say Hello and Welcome to one amazing band by the name of Angels On The Battlefield.

AOTB is a metal band hailing from the desert oasis that is the los Angeles region of a strange place called KAH or CA. In this said oasis this band has put together three songs for you to freely enjoy, and there's no holding back on the amount of shredding involved. Their first three track album includes titles like: On the Wings of Dragons, Beauty in a Body Bag and A Walking Plague. If you're suddenly envisioning a medival land filled with zombies you shouldn't be suprised because this industrial band makes some metal tunes sound seriously in lay down and die awesome...maybe due to a plague maybe because your brain gave out. Anywho words don't quite explain how good this band is. That's because all three tracks are instrumental, all I can epouse is that it's a perfect soundscape for your imagination to enjoy.

You can also enjoy this band from here!, sit back, and relax. Also feel free to tag them as they go by @AOTB_band, they're looking for some metal heads too.

I seriously suggest dropping by their website and subscribing to their youtube channel

Peace and #Metal

Alex Anderson

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