Before sending us anything please read and consider the following! It's pretty important to both you and us:

We pay royalties but to only a few PROs; BMI, ASCAP, SESAC, SOCAN and SoundExchange. If you're not under those we will not be sure whether you will be sent royalties. Therefore we can't guarantee you will get paid for air-time.

We highly recommend if you're an independant artist to see if you don't have royalties waiting to be collected through SoundExchange.

With that in mind we always pay for music we use. Please include in your preview email a link to where we may buy your tracks, or where anyone may otherwise contribute to your band. We do this because if we are interested enough to play the music on the radio, we also have to admit we would like to keep the tracks for ourselves (we are people and potential customers too) and we'd like to share this link with everyone who may pass by. Think Bandcamp, iTunes,, Google Play when you email a submission.

Ultimately we need permission to play your music. When a track is under a PRO that's all we need to know, because that is what they are set up for. When tracks are not listed with the above PROs we need the copyright holder's permission to play music. This could be you, or your record label. This can be done through email and it acts as a contract for us. You may set terms for us to retain your permission. EG. Stop playing this track by x date, only play this track so many times. You may update your terms at any time via email. You may retract your permission at any time via email.

TLDR; Email us a preview of your tracks! Let us know where we might find your listing on BMI, ASCAP, SESAC or SOCAN or give us the green light from the copyright holder via email to play your music.

So give us the proverbial ring and say hello!

When all is done check out your own Artist Page! These are automatically generated when the tracks have been added in. They'll contain as much information about you and your tracks as I can pack in, including links to instantly request your tracks! For example if I were say a fan of Blue Stahli (which I am) I might like to visit: stahli/
We'll be gutting this feature in favor of streamlicensing's player and a much needed redesign soon.

All requests and dedications are delayed at bare minimum three hours for legal purposes. Which gives you plenty of time to grab your friends and drag them into your shenanigans!