So They Collabed? #1

Recently I've been bouncing around quite a few artists and record labels. ( Domo @NYCFactoryFast ). I was not expecting to run across this article, which pretty much says x band I like collabed with y artist but not in the standard, put togther a song way, but rather, put together two massive performances into one big show.

Now obviously this show is about Unknown Artists...Skrillex is not one of those, Babymetal isn't really either (really depends who you ask). However, I've been a relatively large fan of Babymetal for a while now (have you listened to the station? you might notice), and this completely flew under my radar. So in a way I'm excited that this exists, and little depressed I missed it. Not the show...obviously I couldn't have made it, twas in Japan, but that whatever news I had was not enough to tell me that this was about to happen. I would've been eager to announce it anyway and ruin the surprise for anyone else.

Don't be swallowed up by my depressing feels though, it was obviously a great show. You will have to dig for the youtube video though because of course youtubers are the teasing type...getting their videos pulled for copyrighted is still awesome nonetheless.

Though I'm fairly certain the mix will end up somewhere on iTunes or amazon at some point, so check that out...if it happens.

Collabs to me though are the sort of creative drug I really need in my system. There's a lot to say about the talent(s) of any one person mastering an art form, performing live or otherwise. Collab works stick out more because they require more than just one set of talents and sources. A person may be able to sing well, but can they perform in a duet? This isn't exactly a great example because we're all probably familiar with a famous one person act of some sort and vice versa, and also this is the same collaborative environment that a band needs to begin with. We see this most of the time. A collab though shows it in a different way, that both groups can creatively combine the others already existing work and talents and I really wish this happened more often.

Do you guys have favorite/unexpected collabs? Let us know in the comments below!

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