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Angels On The Battlefield

This industrial band has made a few of our days that much brighter, that's why you'll find them here.

Gaillion on Progarchives Twitter Gaillion Thoughly enjoyed writing a review for this band. There were many sea and sailing based puns. Facebook Twitter Sam Page

Sam Page is an artist with some great albums, equally awesome to chat with and near constant air-play since before this radio station was it's own thing.

Interviewing The Shyfox Facebook Twitter

Factory Fast Records This record label has put together a number of compilations of an incredible variety of artists. If you're looking to find new group of bands to listen may start here.

The Shyfox

The ShyFox is a band we had in-studio way back when on KCR. We had a fantastic time, and this nugget of an interview came out of it.

The Daily Aztec - San Diego State University Paper The Daily Aztec Logo The Daily Aztec had a piece done on KCR and at the time The Unknown Artist Hour happened to be there. It was printed in the paper and put online. Flyleaf is still a favorite.