Nitpick #6 - Kayliox vs. OptionAvailable - Von Deeper by Deep Sounds -

Going too deep?

Kayliox and OptionAvailable have created a masterful mix of trembling bass for deep house mix. Simply put if you ever needed a track to keep a house party going, this is it. It's not a hard-core fast paced lose your head banging or dancing type of track, but it'll keep everybody's limbs moving if needed. Perhaps my less than stellar approach at writing could be improved to push the point a little more but I'm not going that deep in my own ego just to say this track is awesome. The fact is that I didn't have to scratch the surface of Soundcloud to find this today and I'm happy for it.My vote includes two thumbs up and a foot down to keep my desk from vibrating out of place. If you don't enjoy this track I'll just have to go deeper.via Soundcloud

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