Matt Davis, The Windsor Project and Much More

From the heavy hitting rock that The Windsor Project provides you may wonder: Exactly what is in store here? Honestly I have no clue, but I'm anxious and that's a good thing. So far as the limited experience has told me about the internet (that's a joke, could do with less experience...cough), being anticipatory of anything is pretty cool. Some part of what was just experienced translated to: pay attention for more of this. That's to say here's a music project we could probably all learn from...and enjoy...thoroughly...because it's only a matter of time before you'll succumb to your 8 second attention span. Did you know that's a thing? That's a thing. STOP READING GODDAMN IT AND ENJOY THE TRACK. (If you got to this point, I'd congratulate you on reading this far, but you've likely distracted yourself from my point...which is my point)

Are we good yet? done? No. Let's calm down a bit.

Now lets take it down another notch with

Obviously what I'm getting at here is that the internet is much wider and full of potential talent than just some bias any one person has. Today I felt like I was sat down and then told to enjoy some music, and that was exactly what happened. Sadly often it's in these moments you cross that 8 second barrier of tolerance and just leave. Part of that has come out of the extremely aggressive advertising and marketing practices out there, I mean it's the level of aggression I just had in the first paragraph. What experience is that to have while wandering the internet? It's awful and dirty and gritty and it makes me cringe every time I dig through social media. It then also doubles down because now I'm desperately looking for some light-hearted music to calm me down or aggressive metal to vent to.

This is why in part I enjoy bands when they're just starting up. These musicians make me motivated (especially these three bands) to find more. I cannot help the internet become more appealing and somehow simultaneously less distracting (it's a conundrum no designer can ever get over). I know these bands can and hopefully will transition themselves somewhere into your electronic devices after having whimsically done something with your wallet and their guitars.

Alex Anderson

I'm a web developer and geek, that about covers it.