Massive Update

So huge didn't take me that long to make all. I've spent some time with different setups to make requests possible, none were that great*

Up until now.

Thanks to some internet digging and some work making things prettier is now a fully functioning website tied directly to the station, meaning what you see is what you get. You can quickly search through my entire library of songs available to play on the station, request and even dedicate them to your friends. Of course there's not much point of dedicating a song unless your friends know about it.

And now that dedications work so well

I will be having some scripting fun on the station so enjoy some silliness in the future. More features I've yet to make pretty will also be on their way.

Also* I should mention that you can now support me by buying tracks on said integrated request sites. Because you know...that's what everyone would like you to do so...

With all that said I'm off to grab new tracks ;P

Alex Anderson

I'm a web developer and geek, that about covers it.