Leaders In The Clubhouse - Lawnchairs

Sitting down at the start of summer, where's that lawnchair? No worries, the Leaders In The Clubhouse may have some. This cheery band typically wanders the San Diego area performing this upbeat music for everyone to enjoy. They also provide some comical criticizms of technology that I'm sure we've all run into. In addition if you go a little furthur you'll find the same beat driven to even more comical musical renditions about sex.

Beyond the comical elements infused with their music, their music stands alone in that call and response is used between the two singers to support what seems to be an expansive array of instruments behind them. It comes so close to the big band sounds but adds a little kick because it feels just as fun if not more.

Now Press Play on Your Goddamn Devices Already! leadersintheclubhouse.com

Alex Anderson

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