Leaders In The Clubhouse - Lawnchairs Music Video

Leaders In The Clubhouse is at it again! Making videos for their recent tracks that is. This time though they got quite a number of people to help. In fact it's enough you may need to pull up a chair and sit back and relaaaaaaaax.

That is if you could, if you haven't heard LITC before, they're an upbeat duo who've poured a good portion of humor (dark and otherwise) into their music. But hey, all of this is my own opinion, go form your own, but if you're ever curious and want to find a quirky and enjoyable band, please give Leaders In The Clubhouse a quick listen.

They've just released their second music video for their track Lawnchairs and it is gorgeous to say the least. I'd give special thanks to Mike Stutz (director), Gail Yasunaga (editor) and Jay Lafayette (director of photography) for doing such an awesome job. They obviously took special care to make the video look great. However that is apparently just the short list of people who were on the job to make the video. Leaders In The Clubhouse details the awesome people involved. These guys are so awesome in fact that they're Emmy-winning and Oscar-nominated.

Spud Davenport and Charlie Recksieck (Leaders In The Clubhouse) obviously are having a bit of fun in the video. So much so, that they released a photo album of everyone putting the video together. Now if I don't stop myself we'll be headed to awkward fanboy town, so...

Enjoy the video! Go pull out a lawn-chair and have an awesome day!

Alex Anderson

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