Is your Heart On?

Eat this Chapter Up

The latest addition to Celldweller's End of an Empire has added a whole new scope of music and enundo for us to consider. Who knows what the resulting album will look like? With some amazing work and remixes already in the mix it's pretty clear we're meant to fan-boy. In fact so many of Celldweller's die-hard fans are fed up with his release of albums in chapters because they honestly can't get enough.

But how could they be to blame? It's pretty obvious who they've all got their heart-on's for, and for good reason the "love" chapter features 20 whopping songs including the instrumentals. Plus we're only hitting the half-way mark, as there are still two more "chapters" in the works.

Seriously well done,
Now get out of my room I need to blast my speakers.

Alex Anderson

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