Happy Post Valentines

Now clearly we need to celebrate our survival of the wonderful blood-soaked holiday of valentines...you know the heart-wrenching gushy, lovey dovey day people say they hate. In reality though we all know the truth, which is if possible you'd want to be sitting next to that ideal person enjoying a relaxing day. So let's break it down for everyone, single or not, I hope you've had an amazing holiday and are itching for the weekend!

Why? Because this radio station is only just getting started...despite being around for a while...
So what? The truth is I have not shown nearly as much love as to this station as I should've, it was the product of me playing around, and that's what made it amazing. Not that it's difficult to start a radio station, but to reflect on all the time I've put into radio and then realize I did not put it into my own project, this radio station...my own space. There's a bit of gut-wrenching and tinge of regret. All of this is in a way is my ultimate all inclusive from scratch project. It was meant a long time ago to show all of you why, as you may have already guessed, we all love music...there is no limit.

So what's cool about all of this? If you've enjoyed anything at all out of my radio station before you'll be pleased to hear that more music is coming in...in droves...in horrendously high numbers I've completely thrown out censorship (I just can't process them all, it is not physically possible for me to do). Parental Advisory Warning is in full effect, I can expect an F-bomb or other set of dirty words slip, so listen at your own risk! Also, along those lines, the subscribe page is also awesomely programmed to show the album art of what's currently playing...the side effect is sometimes but not always graphic images, again I can't do much about this in terms of censorship. The whole spring cleaning of playlists/programming is in progress, so if you're the few who read this, I love you and I hope you enjoy what I've put together.

Also I'm revitializing submissions, and I've added quite a few recent ones in their own category. To me submissions are the epitome of bad-ass and awesome things...except in some cases...I'm not sure how but some things are not meant to be heard. Don't let that stop you if you're an artist from firing off an email to me.

That about covers it! Please note this "blog" isn't officially launched (I'm not done pulling my strings yet). So don't miss out on anything! Subscribe at your own risk!

Alex Anderson

I'm a web developer and geek, that about covers it.