Hanging at 710 Beach Club

710 Beach Club There's this over-21 bar hanging off the edge of san diego's beachfront, and last night we had fun with the palm trees swinging in the stormy weather and the beats cranking. @710BeachClubPB is a pretty solid looking venue for any passers-by, or random person invited in. If you happen to check it out on your own. You'll be having a bit of fun way before any bands show up later and you might grab a branded burger while you wait, who knows?

If you happen to be invited by some friendly band-members, even better @3ChamberHeart be sure to take their offer if you're around. You'll be rocking for a solid hour or so without even noticing time flying by. There's also a person or two who may try to start a mosh-pit, even during the slower winter break. When I get the chance I'll be sure to check them out again.

In the meantime enjoy some of 3 Chamber Heart on their website and fly some of their colors with a shirt if you enjoy their music and maybe finish those tatter tots from the burger while you're at it.

Alex Anderson

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