FORGIVE TO FORGET - Cool Wherever You Are

Forgive To Forget (abbreviated as F2F or FTF) is an alternative rock band from Granada, Andalusia, Spain. The band was created by two brothers: Jose Manuel and Jesus, more known as “Joey Damned” and “Gsus Ablaze”. Currently, F2F is formed by Joey Damned (Lead voice, guitar and choirs), Gsus Ablaze (Drums, percussion and choirs), Kiwi Fehn (Guitar and choirs) and Arre-Yi (Bass and choirs).

Joey and Gsus came up with name “Forgive To Forget” after reflecting on some of the negative experiences they had with people and came to this conclusion:

Never give up. If you want to walk in a correct way and do it with all your strength, you must to forgive and forget every bad moment or bad person you've known. This way you'll be happy; with sufficient confidence, happiness and courage to keeping carrying on.

On February 13, F2F was created and soon after Joey and Gsus began to compose a self titled album. Forgive to Forget started recording early August and on December 18 they released Wherever You Are featured above.

Shorty after this release, Adrian, more commonly known as “Kiwi Fehn”, an old friend of Joey and Gsus contributed to the band playing guitar and choirs. A week afterwards Kiwi officially joined the band. At the same time F2F was also looking for a bassist, Javier Arregui more known as “Arre-Yi” caught wind of this on twitter and also joined in.

The resulting few days later, F2F had more than 1,000 views on Wherever You Are and more than 1,000 followers on Twitter.

As of right now, they're working hard getting their band promoted and will be releasing a new song soon. To top that off Forgive to Forget plans on doing their first live show June, 20 (more details to come).

So be sure to also stay in the loop @TheOfficial_F2F and catch Forgive to Forget wherever you are on The Unknown Artist Hour :)

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