D.S. Bradford - Melodic Evolution

Bradford's taken a swath of colorful and happier tones this time around in Elemental Evolution to make an enjoyable single. Ordinarily I have a pun or two at the ready to keep my review short and sweet, but that's not quite giving this track it's due diligence. I can hear the vocals reverb and the each instrument pushing through clean. There's absolutely no sense of any of the instruments are bleeding frequencies. This track just sounds amazing, and the professionalism just shows.

I freely admit to being a metalhead of sorts and having an unfair bias towards genres of music. There are incredible musicians who can master one form, improv the next and be comfortable that a majority of their audiences will enjoy. So there must be of course exceptionally good musicians that can interest people in styles of music they haven't enjoyed before. I'm fairly certain that's D.S. Bradford.

Although perhaps, we're all just changing very slowly over time...and my bias may be disappearing like a ghost.

What I am sure of is that I'll enjoy whatever tracks D.S. Bradford will write and perform in the future.

Be sure to show Bradford some support on dsbradford.bandcamp.com

Alex Anderson

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