Change In Royalty Rates - Help Needed

Due to a change of laws in the United States the micro broadcasting tier of royalties has disappeared. This station is now paying the full rate for a larger commercial station, which as you might imagine is a lot like watching a sinking ship; it may be afloat now...but maybe not for too much longer. Also, I'm starting to smell the scent of burnt pantaloons.

The station's survived since the start of the year, and due to a lack of staff (it's just me here), the content isn't changing rapidly. (The last post was in March? F@#*) There have also been failed attempts at a forum...ouch. I am only a human being, however I (and this station I guess) have a few things to offer, outside conversation and a raised eyebrow.

raised eyebrow

If you or anyone you know is interested in the name, brand or any aspect of this website, broadcasting in general or hell even the color of my socks...please let me know and fire an email at

Alex Anderson

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