This Is The Unknown Artist Hour

An online radio station from the San Diego area. We wander the internet, finding tracks everywhere we can and taking suggestions along the way. We're focused on supporting artists first...whoever they may be.

Our goal? Get artists Right To Radio.

So what goes on here?

Awesome music from anyone

Awesome music from anywhere

Awesome music from any time

What's our poison?

Alternative Rock


Electronic Dance Music

Electronic Swing

Where can I listen in?

There are a variety of ways to stream The Unknown Artist Hour. Here are the best to help boost The Unknown Artist Hour to the top!

  1. TuneIn The biggest radio directory of all, don't get lost. This one also has mobile apps to go along with it, so take The Unknown Artist Hour with you and share it with your friends!

  2. Streema is a another great place to listen in, hooks right into TuneIn should it fail.
    Streema - Online Radio Stations

  3. Nobex also has apps which you may also take with you anywhere.
    Nobex Android App
    Nobex iPhone App
    Nobex Blackberry App

  4. You may also find us on radioguide:

  5. Here! Listening in on this web page is oddly familiar isn't it? Curious isn't it?

What's going on?

Take a quick peek at our schedule (sure to be filling up in the future)

How can I keep up?

Click this magical link and subscribe to RSS updates, and/or follow one of the many social media sites listed in the menu.